BuildBoost BuildBoost

BuildBoost is a build framework for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) that is highly extensible and focused on building OSGi bundles and Eclipse plug-ins.

Your 3-step Build Setup*

(1) Get the BuildBoost master build.xml

Just click and download


curl -LJO


wget -N

(2) Run it against your root repository**


(3) Enjoy your ready built software

You are done!

Where is the magic?

* BuildBoost requires Apache ANT to be installed. Based on which kinds of repositories you need to acces, you might require a GIT and/or SVN or installation.

** BuildBoost fetches all stuff it needs from a set of repositories. The root repository is passed as argument to the master build script. The root repository itself can contain a .repositories file which is a simple list of further repositories. Repositories contain Artifacts (stuff which you want to process in the build: e.g. source files, test cases, models, etc.) and Build Stages (things that do something with the Artifacts: e.g. compilers, test runners, code generators etc.).

BuildBoost on GitHub